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Hotel Ruze Reviews:

Irene Brandl | Austria | 2016-06-03
Alles perfekt, jedoch wäre eine mittelalterliche Musik beim Essen sehr nett gewesen und hätte dem Ganzen noch mehr Authentizität verliehen. Vielleicht eine kleine Anregung! lg irene brandl

Ludmila průšová | Czech Republic | 2015-12-11
náš pobyt v době 11.12.-¨13.12.15 proběhl naprosto v pořádku a vše bylo k naší spokojenosti. Jak ubytování, tak strava. Vše výborné. Určitě bychom pobyt v Růži doporučili vašim budoucím hostům.

Ladislav Bacigál | Czech Republic | 2015-11-20
Vsetko v poriadku, radi sa opat vratime

Patti Webb | United States | 2015-10-10
Evening! We were directed here by one of my patients that told me we should be in room 212. They were so right. The room was beautiful and perfect. I took a hundred photos from those two windows. I think that the front office folks should present to the guest a 1 page statement of what to do and where to go.....we had no idea. The area across the river and out of the Gardens is so beautiful......we had many photos..... The breakfast experience INSIDE the restaurant was very hectic and hot.... folks were pushing and shoving. The staff acted as if they did not have enough help. We ate out on the terrace the following morning and it was perfect (only ones there). Our dinner out there was perfect, also. Great food and great service. The attendants for the room were very cautious to give us extra towels (perhaps, folks steal them -----too bad). We just use a lot of towels. I hated the toilet in the wooden chair. THERE IS REALLY NO WAY TO SANITIZE IT........ I tried not to touch it, but it is almost impossible. Get rid of the wood..... a pretty ceramic toilet is better. We loved our stay. See my trip advisor report. Patti Webb

Paul Dowling | 2015-09-21
Morning Michaela, We had a wonderful time in Cesky Krumlov and it was lovely to go back after ten years. Regarding the hotel it had not changed and our room was exactly the same. It could do with a bit of a refresh in the room as the materials and bathroom are feeling dated. The receptionists were excellent but the feel of the hotel had changed and felt more like a coach hotel for the Chinese/Japanese who woke very early as the wall to our room were thin and they would use their phones at 6.00a.m. without consideration. The hotel bar was never open and if this was requested often took time to be served. This frustrated the receptionists greatly. Ten years ago this was an amazing hotel and we were pleased we went back but when we travel to the Cesky Krumlov in the future we will use an alternative hotel as it does not have the special feel it had. It maybe that it is now owned by another company. I hope this feedback helps and once again thank you for your help in arranging this booking. All the best Paul and Paula.

Dennis Teske | United States | 2015-07-30
Absolutely the worst hotel experience I have had in a very long time. The room was dirty, and the beds the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced. The promised wifi in the room was non-existent and I was unable to get a signal at all. The breakfast was deplorable and I cannot believe that I actually had to pay the price I did for this room. I actually paid less per night to stay at a beautiful hotel in the center of Vienna next to the Albertina Museum. For you to call yourselves a 4 star hotel is laughable at best.

Anna | United Kingdom | 2005-08-12
My husband and I stayed at Hotel Ruze a few weeks ago and we were very happy with our stay.

Fernando | spain | 2005-08-04
Everything was OK with the reservation and the hotel was very good. Cesky Krumlov is a lovely place just like the rest of your country. I think I have to come back and marry a Czech woman!! Thanks for everything.

Li Yu | Taiwan (R.O.C) | 2004-03-24
We were very satisfied with the following hotel accomdations.